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Riverdale understands what our customers and stakeholders expect from us. From the way we run our business, to the way we care about our environmental footprint, we recognise the importance of being a good corporate citizen. Here are some ways in which we are creating a better business for the future.

The Riverdale Board is currently composed the Shareholder, Head of Trade, and two non- executive directors. We intend to increase the board membership with non-executive director(s) who bring not only the industry and finance experience but will also contribute towards board’s independence.
Our management conducts the business with integrity and high ethical standards which they further instill throughout the organization.
Riverdale conducts its affairs in strict compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Compliance is everyone’s responsibility at Riverdale. In addition to regular communications on these topics, Riverdale has embedded several policies and procedures to make enhance and protect the trust placed in its business by its stakeholders. All our counterparties must adhere to our rigorous KYC screening requirements.
At Riverdale we care for the environment and are acutely aware of the impact emissions have on our environment and our lives. Whilst we trade fuels which have an impact on emissions, we are also looking at diversifying our portfolio with greener raw materials.
Being conscious of the importance of these environmental priorities, Riverdale has enrolled an ESG specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in this area.
At Riverdale we aim at working with the utmost transparency and honesty with all our stakeholders. We realize that there will be challenges along the way and know that working with full transparency is the key to overcoming them. We aim at not only being transparent with our buyers, sellers, or banking partners, but also within the organization and various teams we work with.
Riverdale embraces all kinds of cultures and origins without discrimination. Our team members speak more than 15 languages from around the world.At Riverdale we have zero tolerance towards discrimination, racism, mimicking, harassment, foul language, or bullying. We strongly believe that to gain respect from our external stakeholders, we must first have the same respect amongst all our team members.
At Riverdale we remain committed to helping the society around us grow. In times to come Riverdale will look to increase its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity by helping those in need in whatever way possible. To begin with Riverdale will team up with The Indu Foundation in India which aims at providing tools for skill development amongst young children in rural India.