What we do

We are Riverdale

Riverdale trades in physical commodities from production to consumption. We assist producers market their production and consumers to source their raw materials in the most efficient way.
Riverdale works across entire value chain including sourcing, shipping, storage, finance, and marketing of commodities. We use derivatives to hedge commodity and currency price risks. We avail trade and structured finance tools to support both producers and consumers.
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What We Do For You

Our Business

What We Value


The Riverdale Board is currently composed the Shareholder, Head of Trade, and two non- executive.

Compliance with

Riverdale conducts its affairs in strict compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Commitment towards

At Riverdale we care for the environment and are acutely aware of the impact emissions


At Riverdale we aim at working with the utmost transparency and honesty

Respect is

Riverdale embraces all kinds of cultures and origins without discrimination.

Doing our bit for the society

At Riverdale we remain committed to helping the society around us grow.

“Riverdale has built strong relationships with financial institutions, producers, suppliers, and end-users, which makes it easy for us to do business around the world. Respect based relationships, quest for innovation, ability to adapt, and relentless focus on delivery excellence are the pillars that guide us to achieve what our partners and stakeholders expect from us.”

Nalin Khaitan
Managing Director & Shareholder