Our Values

The board of Riverdale is currently composed of 3 members: the shareholder, the CEO and a non executive director who has been sitting on the board since 2015. It is the intention of the shareholder to increase the board membership with non executive director(s) who bring not only industry and finance experience but also contribute to its independence.

The Management’s key members conduct the business with integrity and high ethical standards which they instill throughout the organization.

We embrace respect for the client and for all team members, we value innovation and learning from experiences, teamwork, and non confrontational differences of opinions, we enjoy diversity as it brings different viewpoints and we own our tasks.


Riverdale Commodities conducts its affairs in strict compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Compliance is the affair of everyone at the company; in addition to normal communications on these topics, Riverdale has amongst its tools several procedures: Compliance & KYC policy, Anti-Corruption policy , IT policy. KYC is emphasised at Riverdale and all our counterparties have to adhere to our rigorous KYC screening.


At Riverdale we care for the environment and are acutely aware of the impact that emissions have on our environment and our lives. Whilst we trade fuels which have an impact on emissions, we are also looking at diversifying our portfolio with greener raw materials such as natural gas and some agricultural produces.

Message from Our Shareholder
The financial strength, coupled with the large volume of business and adding the magic it can create for shareholders in the future, is what Riverdale’s story is. The well delivered commitments and Riverdale’s strong relationships with Institutions, Sellers and Buyers promises far more credit and an overwhelming promise to keep delivering good quality results. The ROI is exciting ! and the value add of Riverdale’s ease and to bridge the world to make it easier to do business is its major focus. Good times and Great results!!!
-Nalin Khaitan
CEO’s Message
With its deep roots as a captive sourcing company, Riverdale has grown into a major player in the world of commodity trading. Riverdale has strong relationships with financial institutions, producers, suppliers, and end-users, which afford us an ease of doing business throughout different continents and across the globe. Relationship, Innovation, Adaptation and Delivery are the four pillars that guide us to achieve the business results that our partners and stakeholders expect from us. Our shareholder’s trust has enabled us to expand the range of commodities and trades with our counterparties and we are proud to be able to show strong financial results in all the markets we foray in.
-Gilles Sayer