Commodity Trading

  • Sourcing & Supply of Petroleum Products
  • Sourcing & Supply of LNG
  • Sourcing, Supply & Marketing of Steel Raw Materials & Finished products
  • Sourcing & Supply of Coking & Non-coking coal
  • Sourcing & Supply of Coke
  • Fully Integrated: Sourcing, Transporting & warehousing for just in time delivery to end-users

Structured Commodity Finance

  • Off Balance Sheet solutions for raw materials
    & finished products (Steel, Oil, LNG)
  • Inventory Monetisation
  • Oil & Metals Structured Prepayments
  • Revolving Credit Facilities / Borrowing
    Base Facilities
  • Account Receivables Securitization


Riverdale Commodities is fortunate to benefit from profitable term supply contracts, enabling it to plan an ambitious ramp-up and evolution of its business:


Manage existing LT Contracts


Leverage On Existing LT Contracts

Some of the markets offer additional opportunities beyond existing customers, e.g. Coal in India, Diesel/Gasoline in UK, Supply of LNG etc.. Riverdale is looking to exploit these opportunities & expand into non-legacy business, in an effort to diversify its customers portfolio


Selective trading in some commodities

Such diversification of customer base will naturally lead to enhanced trading opportunities through
Investments in Infrastructure assets to enhance value of trading operations