Business Introduction

Riverdale Commodities SA is a dynamic and fast-growing commodity trading and trade-finance company established in 2014 with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Our company trades a growing portfolio of crude oil, refined & petroleum products, iron ore, coke, coal and other raw material for industrial uses, and finished/semi-finished steel products.

Riverdale is focused on the movement of physical goods from production to consumption to assist producers market their production and consumers originate their raw materials in the most efficient way. Sourcing, shipping, storage, and marketing are some of the daily activities that Riverdale does to fulfill its role. Derivatives markets are used by Riverdale solely to hedge price risks of commodities and currency risk and to offer counterparties the price mechanisms they desire. Riverdale avails of trade and structured finance tools to support both producers and consumers.

Ownership History
  • Incorporation of PeaKom SA as a wholly owned subsidiary of Essar Global Fund

  • Purchased by a Singapore based private equity fund Asia Special Opportunities Fund (ASOF).
  • Name of the company changed to Riverdale Commodities SA

  • Taken over by Mr. Ashish Dani, A UAE based businessman and an investor into ASOF

  • Acquired by Mr. Nalin Khaitan, the promoter of Khaitan Holdings, a UAE based group
Major Milestones
  • 2014

    • PeaKom SA opens doors for business being registered in Geneva’s Trade Registry under CHE 339.458.941
    • Begins to assist Essar as financial advisor to secure complex financing solutions for Essar’s oil refineries, power and steel plants

  • 2015

    • With Riverdale’s help, Essar Oil UK closes a landmark receivables securitization transaction with one of the major UK banks

  • 2016

    • Riverdale starts physical trading of commodities with the first industrial coal cargo delivered and carried at destination for the benefit of Essar Steel in Hazira India

  • 2017

    • 1 million tonnes of coke and other dry bulk commodities traded

  • 2018

    • First prepayment in favour of an oil refinery towards oil products.
    • Crossed USD 500 mn in Revenue in the year

  • 2019

    • First 650kb crude cargo traded, sold to a UK-based oil refinery
    • Opening of a subsidiary in India
    • Crossed USD 1bn of revenue since inception

  • 2020

    • Several more crude cargoes traded from US, Norway, Algeria, etc.
    • Good performance throughout the year, despite the pandemic

  • 2021

    • Crossed USD 2bn of revenue since inception
    • Starting of Dubai service office
    • First Iron Ore Shipment
    • Entered domestic India trade
    • Started supply of limestone to cement industry in India
    • Tie up with coal mine in South Africa
    • Entered the Finished and Semi Finished Steel product trade